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The Center of Conflict Resolution (CCR)  
Conflicts are inherent in social relationships. At some point of time it seems unavoidable in any social relationship. In general, conflicts are seen as something negative and unpleasant while it is ignored that conflicts are often the starting point of positive developments such as international agreements or technical progress. The reason why conflicts are generally seen as something negative lies often in a confusion of the nature of a conflict itself and the way we deal with it. While a conflict itself may bear the potential of positive developments, deficits in the way these are handled can cause serious problems. Some conflicts are the result of social complexity and a reduction of the complexity is a first step to finding a solution. Studying Conflicts, tweetyspics,

Around the globe, a vast number of scholars from different disciplines are working on various issues of conflict resolution using different methodologies and taking different perspectives. While some are more focused on the analysis and design of institutions dealing with conflicts others concentrate on the control and guidance during a process of conflict resolution.

The Centre of Conflict Resolution (CCR) provides a joint platform for these activities. It is a network that brings together the research and teaching activities on conflict resolution undertaken in different CCR hubs. It offers its members and interested third parties a forum for exchanging ideas and organizing joint research.

The general activities of CCR comprise:

  • Joint Research: CCR aims to bring together scholars from different disciplines in order to undertake joint research and to learn about other approaches and views to deal with conflicts.
  • Conferences, Workshops & Seminars: CCR organizes interdisciplinary conferences, workshops and seminars on conflict resolution where scholars from different disciplines have a chance to discuss and to exchange ideas and views.
  • Online Database: CCR offers a joint online database of research and teaching activities on conflict resolution of all involved hubs and their cooperation partners. Moreover, it offers links to other scholars and academic institutions or projects being active in the field of conflict resolution.
CCR currently consists of the following hubs:
  • CCR Bergamo
  • CCR Freiburg
  • CCR Graz
  • CCR Hamburg
  • CCR Munich
Center of Conflict Resolution

CCR was founded by Manfred Holler (Hamburg/ Munich), Hartmut Kliemt (Frankfurt), and Hannu Nurmi (Turku).

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The Munich Hub (CCR Munich)  
Cyber Handshake In Munich the Center of Conflict Resolution is represented by CCR Munich. Please, feel free to browse through our projects & events, and publications. You are cordially invited to join our activities.

Besides other important influencing factors, the CCR Munich hub has its roots in the "Gesellschaft für Integrierte Studien e.V." and the "Institute of SocioEconomics".

The Institute of SocioEconomics (ISE Munich)  
ISE The Institute of SocioEconomics (ISE Munich) is a group of scholars who study the fundamental principles of social research and their applications.

The results of their research are documented in a discussion paper series which was started at the University of Hamburg and is now continued within the CCR network.

CCR Cyber  
Cyber Handshake The traditional complexities of social relationships and the dynamics of conflicts are magnified by the extend digital technologies are interwoven with our daily lives. Pure or hybrid cyber conflicts become a vibrant field of study that includes new disciplines like information and data science, hardware design or industry 4.0 research. In the context of cyber conflicts, we can anticipate and drive resolution challenges best by augmenting the successful CCR network with strong international and interdisciplinary cooperation with companies focusing on cyber and digital technologies.

In alignment with the distributed nature of the topic, CCR Cyber is a non-local initiative uniting members and interested persons from different world regions under this umbrella.


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